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So I guess to further go into detail about myself and explain what brought me to the world of photography. I have always had an appreciation to art, maybe it is the pisces in me or just simply have an eye for beauty in its various forms within this world and in the farthest reaches of our world and beyond. Whatever it is, I know what I like and I know what my eye is drawn to. Over the years i have a natural tendency as a male to gravitate towards the female body and being a hiker and lover of nature, I really like landscape and any kind of beauty in our natural world. After a near fatal accident brought me to college, I never thought to get into an expensive investment like photography. I have a cousin who started it in the film days and though he enjoyed it, it was very costly and he didn't have the energy to turn it into a business since he was already in a cake job with Edison and needing to provide for his family first and foremost. i saw his struggles with it so i never looked into as a pursuit since i was barely living paycheck to paycheck.

Then came that fateful day when I was in a near fatal accident. I could not go back to my old job as a driver. So when I got to college to chase down a new career in Kinesiology, I also pursued art interests in photoshop since I was a booking agent/promoter on the weekends and I figure if I want to make my own flyers I would need a brief course in photoshop. Through that connection I pursued going into photography and though it is nice to look at other people's work, i wanted to explore and share the same love for beauty and have the work out there for others to appreciate. I am now in a digital photography class and through projects assigned, I have really taken on photography with a passion that costs me much sleep and hard work but also fulfills me in a way like no other hobby in my life. There is something cathartic about shooting pictures and getting positive feedback from those enjoying the shots taken.

Now i have ventured into the world of modeling shoots and that has become a whole new intensity and discipline that I am still learning about. My shoot with Michelle and Christal, as I am now in post production getting the photos ready, was fun and a great learning experience and hope to learn more on settings and how to capture what I am seeing. From what i understand shooting with one key light presents a challenge even for the pros and so I was not getting enough light as I am now able to see through Michelle's photos that there was this very dark element that could not be corrected with more fill lights and brightness in photoshop due to the enhancement of noise to the photos. there were a couple of pics that I took too much clarity out and it just was too soft but I liked the look in the pic so for now I allow my weakness to show for critique. What was great about Michelle is that with that lighting because of her skin tone, there was little I had to do in terms of color correcting and softening or making use of blurs. Very little touch up was done in most and that made things easy to work with. She is honduran so her skin has this healthy golden color to it hat gives off a warm impression with the lighting. Christal is lighter in skin color and i have yet to get to her pics except for a couple I already posted to show a teaser of what's to come, and I feel I will get a lot of great ones from her shoot due to her photogenic looks. She is a natural, I just wish she had more outfits to explore her range better.

That is all for now, if you read this far then I hope you can leave a comment and let me know any critiques, comments or advice. Thanks.


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I grew up with many different views of life. One of those views surrounded many versions of art. Especially photography with regards to landscape, models, action shots, portraits and anything that displayed the beauty of the woman. I am an artist in another venue, professional wrestler. My biggest achievement being one of two wrestlers(the other being my opponent-Jaysin Strife) to have wrestled 7 straight hours to only have Guiness screw us over and not recognize our accomplishment because 6 other guys went 12 hrs breaking an OLYMPIC wrestling record...go figure.
Anyways, 3 years ago I was involved in a near fatal accident and that steered my life to pursuing an education and following a new career path. Currently going to school to become an Athletic trainer. I took courses in photoshop and now taking an intro to digital photography class and enjoying every second of it. I hope to parlay this into a hobby that can creatively express myself and share what i see as beautiful or appealing to the eye.
I am pretty laid back and just struggle to keep focus because sometimes life throws curveballs that come at your head and gets you to duck out of the way and then come back to the plate slightly hesitant. Anything else, i am an open book. Just ask.

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